Akagera National Park Rwanda

Akagera National Park is one of the three Rwanda’s protected parks located in the eastern part of Rwanda bordering with Tanzania.  The park can be accessed just about 2-3 hours’ drive from the capital city Kigali passing through the beautiful sceneries and hills.

Akagera national park covers an area of about 1112sqkm and it was mainly established to protect the animals from being poached and the vegetation cover of the area and also the swamps as well as savannah and hilly areas. Akagera national park was named after the Akagera River which flows along the eastern border spreading the water in Lake Ihema. The park is majorly known for inhabiting a wide biodiversity of animal species some of which are rarely seen elsewhere in the world, these include buffaloes, lions, hippos, zebras, topis, giraffes, zebras, leopard, elephant, water monitor lizard, warthogs, impalas, bush back, olive baboon, vervet monkeys, crocodiles, and many species of birds including storks, Kingfishers, egrets, ibises, fish eagle just to mention but a few. Hippos and crocodile are seen while on the boat ride on Lake Ihema.

Game viewing is the most done safari activity done at the park and game drives are guide by expeinced ranger guides and a 4×4 safari vehicles with top-up roof is recommended they offers great sites to games that live and feed in a wide range.

Other safari activities enjoyed at the park include Boat cruise on the lake Ihema  to spot various species of animals that live and feed on the lake including hippos, crocodile, buffaloes and elephant can be seen linger at the shoreline, the boat cruise is just about 2-3 hours activity on the lake.

Spot fishing is also arranged on the lake; for those interested in fishing you are advised to come with fishing equipment’s to avoid disappointment, however you can also hire them at the park headquarters.

Bird watching is also superb at the park, the park houses over 500 species of birds. The park has good experienced guides who are not only kin watchers but also passionate in the field, they will take you through all the trails good at spotting, and in the process they will give you relative information on any species they come a cross. An extensive network of well-maintained walking trails leads through the forest to various waterfalls and viewing points and birding watch is guided by well-trained guides who will take you through the activity

Accommodations in Akagera National Park:

  • 1-Ruzizi Tented Lodge
  • 2-Akagera Game Lodge
  • 3-Umbrella Pine
  • 4-Dereva Hotel