11 May 2017
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Previously Rwanda was basically known much for its 1994 genocide war between the Hutus and Tutsis which claimed over one million people and a thousand seek refuge to neighboring countries. The economy went to standstill and many infrastructures where destroyed, the whole country was declared insecure. However, all come to pass the economy was rebuilt and many infrastructures where re-built, everything come back to normal and the country is now considered one of the safest nations not only in Africa but also in the entire world with one of the most cleanest city in the world.

Rwanda is now known as one of the countries in the world which attract tourists’ whole over the world and the most tourist attraction Rwanda offers is the endangered mountain gorillas. Mountain gorillas were listed as endangered by the IUCN for many factors including being hunted for trade meat and medicine by the poachers, deforestation for agriculture living them homeless, diseases among many others all these impacted on their population. In Rwanda mountain gorillas live in the rain tropical forest of the volcanoes national park which is located in the northwestern part of Rwanda in Ruhengeri Musanze district. On average Over 80%of travelers who visit Rwanda come purposely for gorilla tracking.  Three countries worldwide host these endangered apes, however many gorilla trackers who have got chance to track both in Rwanda, Uganda and DRC give it to Rwanda as the leading gorilla destination in the world.  many factors supports this, the short distance from the capital Kigali to the national park (volcanoes) those who does not want to travel for long hours choose to track Rwanda gorillas. A one day Rwanda gorilla safari is very possible, it’s just about 2-3 hours’ drive from the capital Kigali to the park, you embark on the drive very early in the morning and arrive at the park headquarters in time for briefing and then after tracking, you drive back to Kigali or at the airport for your departure flight according to your itinerary.  Also many who have tacked in both countries testify that Rwanda gorillas are a bit easy to track than the gorillas in the impenetrable forest of Bwindi, and on top of that, the country is considered stable than the DRC, all these among many other factors makes put Rwanda in the position of the leading mountain gorilla safari destination in the world.
Gorillas cannot be seen in zoos or under captivity like many other wildlife and primate species, the only place to see these giants is only in their natural habitat very deep in to the forest.  For one to see these giants must prepare in advance and book the gorilla permit the only passport for seeing these endangered species. Rwanda gorilla permits costs usd750 per person per tracking including a ranger guide fee and a park entry fee and these permits are sold at the Rwanda tourism board in Kigali or at the park headquarters in Kinigi. It’s better to book the gorilla permit with a genuine tour and travel company or a tour agent as they have easy access of these permits that an individual.
Gorilla tracking is the most expensive safari activity done in Rwanda but perhaps the most done safari activity, and gorilla tracking has gained the government of Rwanda a lot of revenue, a lot of money is collected from tourists. Many people have benefited from gorillas including the local people, lodge/hotel owners and workers, tour companies organizing gorilla safaris, drivers, park rangers and guides, among many others hence making mountain gorilla the most rewarding safari activity to the country.
You can’t talk of Rwanda minus mentioning the works of Diane Fossy, an American primatologists and a researcher who studied and habituated these endangered apes to human standards that they can be tracked safely in their natural habitat without any  harm caused to human. Most of her research was conducted in karioske she was loved by the primates and she loved them too, she stayed and habituated the gorillas for over 18 years, however her work was brought to an end when she was assassinated by the said poachers whom she had made herself unpopular, she was buried near her friend gorilla digit and many other gorillas that where killed or killed of different diseases.

Diane Fossy made Rwanda very popular and up to now Rwanda is popularly known for its gorilla safari. Many authors oppose that, a safari in Africa is only complete when you visit the mountain gorillas in the true African wilderness, deep in the heart of Africa. A certificate is given to those who have fully participated and completed a gorilla tracking activity. Contact us for safari booking and inquiries we are always at your disposal.

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