22 September 2015
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22 September 2015, Comments Comments Off on LAKE KIVU IN RWANDA.

Lake Kivu is one of the largest numerous fresh water bodies in the East African rift valley of Rwanda. It’s a rare attractive lake that is believed to have existed between 1-5 million years ago. It covers a surface area of 2370 km sq d; maximum depth of 485 metres, a volume of 560 km sq d, an altitude of 1463 metres above sea level with an annual level of fluctuation between 0.17 and 1.17 m.
The main leisure or tourism activities in and around Lake Kivu.
Lake Kivu is ideal for a day relaxing on the beach. you can enjoy leisurely strolls along the beach waters, local cuisine along while watching freshly caught fish, evening bonfires, private massage all on the beach, a luxury tourist boat can be board in Gisenyi to guide tourist a long lake kivu shores.
Swimming. Lake Kivu is definitely one of the unique lakes in Africa where you can safely swim. Visitors should be contented because there are no crocodiles, hippopotamus, and billiharzias in the lake. The lake has pleasant surface temperatures throughout the year from 23- 27 degrees cent grade, no gas outbursts since the methane is trapped below 260 m and far a way from the shore.
Water sports including Kayaking, wind surfing, catamaran and Jet Ski are as well common games of interest at the shores of the lake. The equipments can be hired at kivu Serena in Gisenyi and kayaks can also be hired in moriah hills in Kibuye.
Fishing activities. The Lake has like 31 species of fish breathing underneath it with the common type as the Tanganyika sardine locally known as lsambaza introduced in 1960’s. You can join the fishermen for an evening and experience their traditional techniques of fishing, listen to the fishermen singing as they row gently, watch the lsambaza fishing boat with their fishing equipments like nets, beams and telescopic poles during the day along the shorelines. The fish are attracted by the petrol light from the fishermen at night making it impossible to fish during full moon light.
Boat riding. It’s an emotional experience were one can enjoy the breath taking landscapes as they cruise. The speed boat can be hired in munezero from Rwanda development board in Gisenyi.
Cycling, hiking or driving along the Congo Nile trail. Running from Gisenyi to Kamembe along the scenic shore of Lake Kivu is the Congo Nile trail at a distance of 227 km. These cycles can be hired in Gisenyi plus the bicycle guides and porters to help you a long the trail.
Visit the scenic island around Lake Kivu and experience the local spices like thousands of bats at napoleon island, sleep, eat fresh fish and relax on the island from parsdis molahide hotel in Gisenyi, visit the inhabitants of bugarama and nkoma islands and indulge in there local activities
Observe the smoke from the nyiragongo volcano during the day and its glow at night from Gisenyi, Kibuye and Nyungwe forest all along Lake Kivu and watch the sun set.
The estimated population of people around Lake Kivu is 2 m people and their activities include; marine and terrestrial transport of passengers and goods, fishing lsambaza, lndugu and tilapia, hydro power plants in Gisenyi, nkora, cyimburu and kaya, methane extraction in Lake Kivu, boat building among others.
Hotels and places were to stay along Lake Kivu include; morian hill resort, cornmorant logged, lake kivu Serena hotel, bethania guest house, peace guest house and paradis molahide.

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