3 May 2017
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When looking for gorilla tours in the world, Uganda comes on the first list visited countries for gorilla tracking, few countries worldwide host these endangered species as there are only about 900 individuals left in the world shared by three African countries including Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Uganda to many gorilla trackers is considered as the leading gorilla safari destination in the world and perhaps housing the highest number of these endangered species. Gorilla tracking is considered the most interesting adventurous safari activity in the world attracting a number of travelers to gorilla tracking destinations.

Mountain gorillas is known as one of the sub species of gorillas rarely seen and safari to see these apes is only done in areas where they are habituated from. Mountain gorillas are known as the largest primate on earth, very intelligent and a close relative to human after the chimps which shares almost 98% of human DNA make-up. Uganda is popularly known for its mountain gorilla species and gorilla tracking is the most tourist activity many travelers come for. For one to track these remaining apes it needs some preparations and booking in time, it’s better to book with a registered and genuine tour and tour company to arrange for you the whole ground handling gorilla safari to Uganda.

A gorilla permit is a passport for one to see these remaining apes in their natural habitat deep into the forest, and gorilla tracking activity is at a very high demand permits sometimes get finished, so you are advised to book your gorilla tracking permit prior to your travel dates at least 2-5 months to secure and guarantee tracking. Owning a gorilla permit is a guarantee for sighting, but it’s not a guarantee for sighting since mountain gorillas are wild-animals they are very difficult to predict although chances of sighting are very high about 98% and above. sometimes it’s very difficult to obtain a gorilla permit as an individual but if you use a tour agent or tour and travel company chances of obtaining a gorilla permit in time is very high as they have more chances of buying them in advance than an individual, so to ease the process of obtaining a gorilla tracking permit it’s better to use a tour and travel company your permit will be secured early to stand a chance of participating in gorilla tracking activity in Uganda, the number one adventurous safari activity incomparable.

Mountain gorilla tracking costs usd600 in the high season and usd450 in the low season (March, April, May and September) per person for foreign nonresidents and usd400 for east African residents who do hold work permits . Book with us we will get you a gorilla permit at no extra charge. This works if you are booking the all gorilla safari with us; however in case you need only a gorilla permit we will get it for you at an extra charge of usd50. Mountain gorillas in Uganda are found in Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga gorilla forest national park, however in Mgahinga, gorillas are not stable most of the time they cross to Rwanda and DRC making tracking in the only gorilla group available in Mgahinga (Nyakagaezi) very difficult), so many trackers opt for Bwindi national park and the park has 13 gorilla families with one group visited by only researchers and ranger guides. Other gorilla families are opened to tourist and safaris to trek them is done on a daily basis. Only eight people are allowed to visit gorillas in each gorilla family daily and to participate in this activity one should be above 15 years of age.

The tracking permit will give you an opportunity to meet and spend time with the mountain gorillas and after tracking a certificate will be issued to you by the Uganda wildlife authority. Gorilla tracking can be done along with many other interesting activities including wildlife viewing, bird watching, chimp tracking, batwa experience among many others. To book your mountain gorilla tracking safari either in Uganda/Rwanda, send us your passport details which include your full names, passport number and the nationality. After confirming your tracking dates and sending the money for permits, the dates for gorilla tracking cannot change after the permits have been booked. For a change in dates of gorilla tracking, inform your travel agency or a tour company organizing your safari in time for the changed dates of gorilla tracking and the Uganda wildlife authority is subjected a fee of usd100 for each gorilla date changed as a cancellation fee. Book your gorilla permit now to stand a chance of seeing the gorillas in their natural habitat.

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