10 November 2015
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10 November 2015, Comments Comments Off on HOW TO ACQUIRE A GORILLA TREKKING PERMIT

Gorilla tracking requires one to get a gorilla permit before it’s done in the volcanoes of Rwanda and the gorilla permit booking is managed by the Rwanda tourism office this being the governing body of tourism in Rwanda.
The permits should be booked earlier for proper arrangement due to the stiff demand and the quicker the payment the prompt the services. You will get the days permit after payment which are always preferably 6 month earlier during the stiff seasons of June-September and December-February or 1-2 months in the low seasons of October-November and march-may.
The gorilla permits can only be purchased from the board, either directly or through a tour agent. You can get in touch with them through email; Or direct calling on the office line +252576514.inquire any thing concerning booking like the dates you want, the nearest dates. when payment are made , they will advise you of there banking details, send the money by electronic transfer and send a copy of the transaction voucher receipt to ORPTN. Ensure the bank to take off bank charges from your account other wise the money may be less and the permit not got on that particular day.
After payment and once given the permit, the date cannot be changed except for a cancellation fee of $ 100 per permit and any delays in confirmation and payment will defiantly lead to the changes of your preferred dates.
Price of the Rwanda gorilla permit.
Non residents $ 750
East African residents $ 375
Rwandan citizen 30000 frw.
Booking through agent.
Booking through a travel agency is another reliable option of obtaining a gorilla permit. There are a number of liable tour operators in Rwanda feel free to check them out. These usually do it at a fee of US $ 25-$ 60 per permit. The procedure is almost similar as above, except that the tour agencies tend to speed up the processes and most likely you will get your gorilla permit confirmation fast.
1. contact and let the office know the dates you want to tour Rwanda with the days you want to see the gorilla permit
2. We let you if the days you want for your gorilla tour are available for gorilla tracking and tentatively book them for you.
3. We send you our bank details for you to send the money for gorilla permits.
4. It takes about 16 hours for us to receive the money from your bank and pay for your permits. We shall send you acknowledgement for the money and the official gorilla permit.[scan and email] please ensure you pay the bank charges when authorizing the transaction. We do not charge any fee for gorilla permit buying if you are booking the rest of the tour with us. In case we do charges, this is to cater for any costs like telephony, transport, etc we incur to get you the permit.
5. Send your passport details to register your gorilla permit that’s your full names, passport number and nationality.
6. Your name will be registered and the gorilla permits got. Scanned copies of the permit will then be sent.
As soon as the payment has been received, the permits for gorilla tracking are purchased. Getting a gorilla permit is not a guarantee of seeing a gorilla however the chances of seeing them are 98%

There are always cases of cancellation caused by a number of reasons. The t board shall refund 50% of the gorilla tracking fee for any visitor who is ill because any sick visitor shall not be allowed to track the gorilla if declared unfit by the warden in charge. This only applies to visitors who have travelled all the way to the park.
Permit availability for 2015
If you are planning to go gorilla tracking in June, august, September, also December the time to book your permits and safaris is now with a wide trekking package options in Rwanda as listed below.
3 days gorilla trekking
4 days gorilla trek [2 trek]
4 day Rwanda gorilla with golden monkey
4 days Rwanda Nyungwe chimps +gorilla trek tour
4 days Rwanda gorilla + cultural village tour.
Rwanda 4 days gorilla trek with hike to Visoke volcanoes.
Rwanda 4 days gorilla trek with relaxing at Lake Kivu.
5 days Rwanda gorilla Nyungwe chimps tracking.
5 days Rwanda gorilla, Visoke hike, golden monkey.
6 days Rwanda gorilla trek [2 treks] and Nyungwe chimps’ tour.
6 days Rwanda gorilla, chimps +other primates.
7 days Rwanda primates’ tour.
9 days Rwanda magical tour.
11 days Rwanda primates’ tour + Akagera + kivu.
13 days Rwanda safari.
20 days Rwanda safaris

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